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Avunduk Group of Companies have been leading the Avunduk Import Export Ltd Company, Meriç Dairy Products, Mercan Gıda, Egemen Turism & Residence brands, each of which has written different success stories in their own field, since 1998. We are working day and night to strengthen the economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by supporting employment and offering the quality for valuable investments and investors of our country to work with confidence.

With Akinoks Stainless Steel Industry Limited, which we added to our Avunduk Group of Companies family in 2009, we have the dealership of world leaders in the sector such as Kristal Industrial, Gallery Kristal, Kristal Cooling and Crystal Open Buffet throughout the island. We provide consultancy for the most suitable professional set-top equipment for your business and facilitate the installation phase.

We are working tirelessly with a huge team to bring the Northern Cyprus service sector to the global service level. Since quality is not a coincidence, Akinoks Stainless Steel Industry Ltd has been preferred by more than fifty investors such as hotel chains and boutique hotels in our country.

More than hundred restaurants, which are at the forefront of the service sectors operating all over Northern Cyprus, have chosen to work with us. In addition to our quality, we manufacture our products with the importance and responsibility we give for the health and hygiene of our people and we have been preferred in the kitchens of our schools for all age groups.

As Akinoks Family, we continue to make you always feel our support with our competent and experienced technical service team. We make your life easier, from service programming to follow-up, especially in repair processes. Our technical service, which provides 24-hour service for our customers in all parts of our Northern Cyprus, is also close to you by a phone call.

As the world's best chefs say, “What adds flavor to the food is being created by the chef who experience comfort and peace with the powerful equipment he has in his kitchen.”

We continue to improve ourselves and take steps to support our country's economy in order to better serve the new investors who join us every day, and we are proud to be the best with the services we provide.

Our door and our hearts are always open to you.


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