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As Avunduk Group, we take pride in being one of the biggest investment leaders of Northern Cyprus economy, with a history dating back to 1998, providing a favourable environment for valuable investments and investors, supporting employment and working successfully under Avunduk Group with our Meriç Dairy Products, Charcuterie, Meat & Milk Livestock brands, as well as our Akinoks Stainless Steel Industry Ltd. brand.

With the pride of offering this environment of economic strength, employment support, and safe cooperation for our country's valuable investments and investors since 1998, we are delighted to be one of the biggest investment leaders in the Northern Cyprus economy and passionately devoted to our work with this pride.

We have added Akinoks Stainless Steel Industry Ltd. to our Avunduk Group family in 2009, which has dealership of industry-leading brands like Kristal Industrial, Gallery Kristal, Kristal Cooling, and Kristal Buffet all over the island. We provide consultancy to our customers for the most appropriate professional set-top equipment for businesses and offer a hassle-free process from consultation to installation.

Our Akinoks Stainless Steel Industry team, which works to take the North Cyprus service sector to the global service level, is our biggest pride, being preferred in the kitchens of more than 50 investors, 100 restaurant owners, and all age groups of schools in our country, from hotel chains to boutique hotels.

Our service team, provides 24/7 service from service programming to job tracking, always keeps our customers' productivity at the forefront with its after-sales guarantee.

We continue to develop ourselves to serve new investors who join us every day and take steps to support our country and economy, and we take pride in being the best brand in the sector with our services.


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